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Wednesday 19 August 2009

Unique Opportunity for UK Companies to Profit from Export sales into Europe.

Whilst the pound remains low against the euro, UK industry is in a prime position to capitalise on export sales.

Since the financial crisis began the sterling has devalued by over 30%. Although this has raised the prices of imported goods sold in the UK, the export market is poised to benefit. By exporting to Europe, UK manufacturers will profit from the current exchange rate which today stands at 1.16 Euro to the Pound.

This rate is heavily down from the beginnings of 2007 when the pound was equal to 1.53 Euro. Whereas in January 2007 a £100,000 GBP sales order would cost a European buyer €153,000 the same order can be placed today at €116,000, almost a third cheaper. British manufacturers therefore have the opportunity to both sell at lower costs and increase the profitability on their overseas orders.

Euro to Pound Sterling Exchange Rate Graph - Sep 16, 2003 to Sep 12, 2008

With France, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong emerging from the global recession, experts are claiming that a recent surge in overseas trade has contributed to their economic growth. An increase of export sales in the UK could similarly rejuvenate the UK’s economy bringing an end to the recession. Now is therefore the prime time for UK companies to expand into export sales.

Exporting has always had the added potential of boosting turnover and lessening your dependence on the UK market. However, with language barriers and cultural obstacles the route to entry to the export market has always been difficult.

As experts in export sales recruitment, Aaron Wallis has commission numerous articles containing authoritative advice on how UK sales companies can enter into overseas markets and understand potential trade barriers.

By entering our free online business library you can access a range of facts and advice concerning international business and setting up international links. It will help you identify promising markets and customers and ensure that you can optimise the lucrative overseas opportunities that the current economic climate has to offer.

http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/client_advice_library.php and click on ‘Doing Business in Other Countries’ for further information and articles on:

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We hope that you find these free articles on international trade useful to your business.

For further information and to place an export sales vacancy call 01908 764280 or visit http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/

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