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Wednesday 12 August 2009

Are Facebook and Twitter preventing you from getting a job?

With more companies signing up to sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it is becoming general practice to search applicants through these social networking sites.

Potential employers can have unlimited access to moments of your personal life by simply searching your name on Google.

Drunken photos or an inappropriate ‘status’ can quickly undermine a good CV or a successful interview.

Recently an applicant sent a CV to Aaron Wallis and detailed ‘social networking’ as one of her hobbies.

Upon sending the CV to the client they refused to meet with the candidate even though she was ideal for the role.

When we told her that unfortunately things are not going to move forward she said ‘I bet they’ve been looking at my facebook account’.

The employer of course did not use this as a reason for declining to meet with her but upon looking at her uncensored facebook account it was riddled with drunken photos and profanities!

Suffice to say we recommended that she took appropriate steps to clean up her facebook presence!

With the ability on Facebook and Twitter to limit your profile so that only ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ can have access to your private thoughts, its seems odd that applicants can be found publicising opinions such as: “What a f***ing s*** interview with a s*** company, I don’t know why I bother.”

Although it is not expected that candidates remain pious while sending out jobs applications, it is probably advisable to consider that photos of you sprawled over a bar with a traffic cone on your head may not be quite as funny to a potential employer!

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