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Tuesday 11 August 2009

More under 21’s are found to have lied on their CV’s.

More young people are lying on their CV’s as competition for jobs heightens, a survey has revealed.

Almost one in five under 21’s were found to have been lying or hiding information on job applications making them the most likely age group to be untruthful.

This is an increase of 29% from last year when under 21’s were considered the most honest.

In a survey of 4,735 job applications made to financial firms between June last year and May this year, it was found that of the 307 belonging to under 21’s, 18% contained false information.

The Survey conducted by Powerchex revealed that people educated in state schools were 25% more likely to lie on their CV than those who went to private school.

The most common lie was to claim a 2:1 university degree when they had been awarded a 2:2.
Others exaggerated menial jobs to make themselves sound more important.

These results come as this year’s university graduates are facing the highest levels of unemployment in a generation.

The Guardian reports that Alexandra Kelly, managing director of Powerchex said: “The pressure of the recession on job markets seems to have led to more applicants to believe that they should lie or make embellished claims to get jobs.”

Overall, 19% of candidates lied on an application, up from 17% in 2008.

In response to falsified applications, many companies now appoint credit referencing agencies to conduct a thorough CV Verification.

Rob Scott, Managing Director of leading Sales recruiter, Aaron Wallis, commented: “Lying on your CV is really very short-sighted as lying about your education is extremely easy to check and confirm.

“We recommend in our CV advice that it is important to sell your achievements and career highlights but to always be able to substantiate any claim at interview.”

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