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Monday 7 January 2008

Are you Going to be a Millionaire?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire?

Most people have at some point and why not, I don’t blame you! To help you keep a check on your progress Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment has developed a millionaire calculator to see how long it will be before you become the magic millionaire based on your current savings and your monthly saving habits.

To see where you are on your path to ‘Millionaire Status’ , and how you may need to increase your monthly savings simply visit the Candidate Quizzes and Calculators section of http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/ and take the dropdown to Career Quizzes

We hope that you find it fun and that you’re not too disappointed with the outcome. If you are disappointed and need to increase those monthly deposits perhaps you might consider increasing your earning potential by landing a new sales job with Aaron Wallis. Search for a new job at http://www.aaronwallis.co.uk/

All the best, Rob

NB Did you know that the only word in the English language that ends in 'mt' is 'dreamt' - well you do now!

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