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Monday 31 December 2007

FREE Goal Setting Template and Method with accompanying MP3 Podcast to Download


Its New Year’s Eve and the time of year when everyone makes resolutions that they keep for well, maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a month!

The reasons why New Year’s Resolutions typically don’t work is because they are either thought up in the heat of the event or they are not focused upon, written down and systematically executed. So how do we give ourselves more of a chance? We simply turn a New Years resolution into an annual goal.

Yeah, yeah, heard it all before but why will it work? Quite simply you will engage both your conscious and subconscious brain to enable you achieve your goals. Yeah, yeah but How!?!

Here’s the technical stuff. It is estimated that your conscious brain can process 16 bits of information per second, compared to our non-conscious brain that absorbs 11 million bits per second!

Our sub-conscious brain is both the creative part of our brain and the part that processes incredible amounts of information from our sense organs such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood circulation, not to mention instincts and emotions. It does all this without you even realizing and in the same way it will help you to achieve your goals. Can you imagine the difference if you multiply your brain processing capacity by 687,500!!

At Aaron Wallis we’ve taken the SMART goal setting formula one stage further in our SMARTER goal setting formula to allow you to use both sides of your brain in achieving your goals. It gives you all the form and discipline of SMART goal setting but with the advantages of visualization (Envisage), Motivation, Relevance, Responsibility (Consequences) and an affirmation statement. In essence it engages both sides of your brain that massive brain processing capacity of your sub conscience.


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