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Thursday 3 June 2010

The sun, our enemy.

The thought struck me as I was on my lunch break today about the relationships between glorious sunshine and sales recruitment...It dawned on me how slow the lunchtime applications for sales jobs are this week at an ordinarily busy period of the day- British sales professionals currently out of work are changing their tactics (or their priorities) it seems!

In the past we’ve found that we receive the highest volume of applications for positions throughout lunchtimes when the boss is out and whilst candidates are on their lunch break; ‘Whilst the cat’s away’ candidate’s trawl through internet job search sites plotting their next career move within a rigid period of one hour, constantly on edge that the boss might cunningly return early.

Ordinarily the 11.30- 2pm time slot has provided us with the majority of the active job seekers we put forward for positions that day....today however has been slow!..and I think I know where they all are!...sitting outside Costa coffee at Milton Keynes shopping centre, sipping their iced mochas in their less than formal office attire and sunglasses, having a natter about how many barbeques they will be attending this weekend...I’m only jealous mind...I was nipping to the post office to post a letter...

Now barbeques, sunglasses, even some slightly summery office attire are all part and parcel of the fantastic 20+ degree weather that appears to be more and more frequent as we enter summer in England, however what are we meant to do with all these awesome sales jobs we have that need to be filled? Perhaps I should go about taking my lunch break outside Costa and do some mid-lunchtime network recruiting?...instead we may have to revert to alternative recruitment methods to get the roles filled...

Nevermind...we might get a huge influx of applications over the weekend as job seekers panic over their job hunting inactivity during the week...although something tells me that the current weather report doesn’t support that theory....more glorious sunshine...oh well! As the saying goes...”if you can’t beat them...” there’s only one thing to do!.........

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