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Thursday 4 February 2010


A recent survey into the thoughts of Sales professionals has produced some interesting insights into job satisfaction levels and commonplace perceptions of sales people and the importance of their roles in the UK.

The survey, carried out by Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis, a niche sales recruitment agency, indicated that a huge 96% of respondents said they enjoyed working in sales and found that a further 72% judged their career to date to be a ‘7 out of 10’ or more. The results seem to suggest that a turbulent 18 months has not shaken most professionals in the industry.

Of the 644 people recorded in the survey, over 50% believed that sales was the most influential department/division of their business, suggesting that sales professionals are more often than not, considered a vital component of UK businesses.

A theme that seemed common amongst the group surveyed was that working hours were in excess of 40 hours per week in 79% of the respondents and 80% said their role involved regularly working under stress levels of ‘medium’ or higher. In spite of this they remained positive and pleased with their chosen career path. This information seems to suggest that while some people would not enjoy working in stressful situations, those people that had chosen sales as their profession actually thrived in such an environment.

Over all the research found that Sales was an extremely desirable profession for most respondents.

Rob Scott commented: “In spite of commonly held views which suggest that Sales can be highly pressured occupation it seems that those that enter the profession are not put off by this. The research seems to suggest that in fact most sales men and women really do love their job.”

Only a fraction of those who took part in the survey are unhappy working in sales. Of the 4% who answered that they did not enjoy sales, most had been in sales for over 3 years. 92% had not initially intended on embarking on a career in sales.

The findings of the research surprisingly came just months before the UK officially rose out of recession and provides an unexpected insight into the morale of sales professionals in the UK, at a time when most would believe the respondents to have more sombre attitude towards their work.

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