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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Sales professionals embrace changing technology.

by Charlotte Chelsom-Pill

Of all the challenges faced by UK sales professionals, a survey has found that changing technology is considered the least difficult aspect of sales.

The sales industry is increasingly adopting ever advancing technology. The use of social networking and viral marketing in sales is becoming common place. Yet, fewer than 3% of respondents to ‘The State of Sales 2009’ are intimidated by changing technology and changing sales methods.

The survey which was conducted by Aaron Wallis, a Sales recruitment company asked 644 sales professionals what they considered to be the most difficult aspect of the. Of the eight possible answers, changing technology and sales methods was the least popular response by a large margin.

Women were found to be the least intimated by changing technology, with less than 1% of female respondents selecting this as the most difficult aspect of sales. This compares to 3% of men. None of the respondents who earned over 100K a year found changing technology and sales methods the most difficult aspect of the role.

Overall, getting clients to make decisions, followed by cold calling and sales admin/paperwork were cited as the 3 most difficult aspects of selling in 2009. Finding new prospects, chasing money, and meeting clients expectations were among some of the other possible answers to the question.

The survey was conducted in July this year and was live for six weeks. Respondents to the survey were from a broad age, salary and geographic range. The survey results are available for free download from

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